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Off the beaten paths, in the tiny town of Florence, Montana, hides a wonderland of beautiful dolls, enchanting miniatures and a host of other treasures. Some are new and others old, but all are special as they cast a charming glow on the shelves and in the cases of our store and its hidden doll museum filled with magic, mystery and elegance. Some of our antique dolls date back as far as the 1800's. Beautiful music boxes, collector's plates, graceful figurines and more make our store the best place to find the perfect gift for yourself or someone you love.

Dolls & Figurines

Dolls by Jan McLean, Lizzie and Jemima


God Kept His Promise Doll

Am I Cute Or What? Ashton Drake Doll by Cheryl Hill

Sweet Tears by Madame Alexander

Miniature Mahogany Dresser with Mirror

Miniatures Title

Miniature Lincoln Wardrobe

Miniature Inlaid Chinese Coffee Table


Stereo with Two Speakers

Miniature Red Kitchen Canisters

Miniature Sushi Dinner

Miniature Room Set

Miniature Red Carntations

Miniature Chocolate Heart Cake

Furniture Sets

Armoirs, Dressers & Shelving
Tables & Stands

Miniature Furniture Sets
Set above includes autumn orange couch and two chairs,
cherry coffee table and side table

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Ophelia Rabbit

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Nikita by Jan McLean
John Wayne Figurine
Mabel by Karen Scott
Rose from the movie Titanicq
Guiding Light, Precious Moments
by Jan McLean
John Wayne
by Karen Scott
Rose from "Titanic"
Guiding Light
Precious Moments



New articles by Dolores Hurtt

Dollhouse History
Part One

Dollhouse example

As early as Greek and Roman civilization, small items, made from brass and clay were used for play. Pieces from Egyptions have been found and are still in existance.

The first recorded structure was purchased in 1558 by Albrecht V of Bavaria. It was given to his granddaughter. This house had many special features, including a bathroom on the first floor. The second floor had a kitchen and dancing room. Also included were a sewing room and a bedroom, with bedding and curtains in gold. He displayed this house in his art chamber.

Princess of Saxony received a toy kitchen, filled with nearly 200 kitchen pieces. Some of the furnishing included a cradle, a barber's bowl and inkstands. There was even a poultry run.

Phillip Hainhofer supplied Duke Phillip 11, of Pomeranis, with an art cabinet showing a farm scene, in 1617. The model was made by Mathias Kager and the animals were carved by Johann Schweglar. Hainhofer also provided a cabinet for Sweden's King Gustavus Adolphers. This one showed the town of Augsburg. It included mechanical dancing girls. The King received it in 1632.

Peggy Nisbet
Creator of Commemorative
& Historical Dolls

Peggy Nisbet DollPeggy Nisbet wanted to commemorate the coronation of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II.  There were no national or historical dolls on the English market at that time.  Peggy had always loved costume design, English history and the royal family. She wanted to make a doll in the Queens likeness.  Permission had to be given by Lord Chamberlain to make an image of any member of the royal family.  It took many letters, visits and illustrations to earn the right to make the dolls.

Upon receiving the permission, she hired a local potter to make a 7 1/2 inch china doll to her specifications. She designed an elaborate costume. Depending entirely on home sewers, she completed 300 of these dolls and marketed them through Herrod’s Department store. With the success of that project, she was determined to build a doll business that would thrive and be loved by all.

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Annette FunicelloHearts graphic
America's Sweetheart

Annette FunicelloAmerican has lost a treasure with the passing of Annette Funicello. She died on April 8, 2013, after a long and difficult battle with MS. She was a role model for how to live through a devastating illness and do it with grace.

Annette was born October 22, 1942 in Utica, New York to parents Joseph and Virginia Funicello. When she was four years old her family relocated to Los Angeles, California. They enrolled Annette in dance classes and singing lessons to try to help her overcome shyness. She excelled in both and at age 9, she won a beauty contest.

She was cast as Swan Queen in a production of Swan Lake. Walt Disney saw her perform and hired her to be an actress for Disney Productions. She became a star with the Disney Corp. starring in several Disney movies and was also a recording star. She is fondly remembered as a Mouseketeer with the Mickey Mouse Club, along with several others who became actors and actresses, but she was the most loved of all. She later starred in "Beach Blanket" movies with Frank Avalon. These "surfer movies' were a huge hit with teens. She remained a mouseketeer during that time, with Walt Disneys blessing. All he asked is that she wear a modest bathing suit, not a bikini. Walt remained her mentor and a "second father figure" for her during the remainder of his life. 40 years after she began she said "Those were the happiest years of her life".

Photo: Annette Funicello on the Mickey Mouse Club, 1956; Source: Wikipedia Commons (public domain)

Annette Funicello Teddy Bears

Annette Funicello Teddy BearAnnette Funicello Teddy Bear

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We carry dolls from well-known doll makers, Xenis, Fine Wooden Dolls, Middleton, The Doll Maker, Ashton Drake and Charisma. Three decades of Madame Alexander and Effanbee, and artists like Marie Osmond, Jan McLean, Robert Tonner, Reva Schick, Eva Helland and Richard Simmons make our store selection and museum rich with unique collectibles.

Our miniature section offers a variety of room sets in 1" and 1/2" scales. Furniture and cabinetry for kitchens, living rooms, bathrooms, music and game rooms are only a few of the classic and modern styles we offer. Accessories like dishes, drapes and wall decor abound throughout the store.

We also offer dolls meant for play. Our baby dolls are cuddled in beds and carriers and toddlers are decked out with accessories that match their style and outfits. Adult dolls range from sparkling winged faeries to wedding dolls gowned in pearl bedecked satin and lace.

Whether you're looking for a baby doll for a small child, something elegant and graceful for the lady in your life, for yourself or a longtime cherished friend, you'll find it here. Take a scenic drive through Florence and enter the wonderland of our unique and magical store.



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