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~ Miniatures ~


Most miniatures on this page are 1/12 (1") scale.
Different sizes are noted in the photo caption.

Lime Pie
Pie With Chocolate Crumbs
Pumpkin Pie
Lime Pie, $7.50
Pie With Chocolate Crumbs, $8.00
Pumpkin Pie, $7.00
Pie With Red Swirls
Chocolate Baby Cake With Booties
Chocalate Heart Cake
Pink Castle Cake, $25.00
Pie w/Red Swirls, $8.00
Chocolate Baby Cake w/Booties, $12.00
Chocolate Heart Cake, $8.00
Blue Baby Cake
Green Top Cake
Orange Nut Cake
Red & White Ribbon Cake With Slice
Blue Baby Cake, $10.00
Green Top Cake, $10.00
Orange Nut Cake, $10.00
Red & White Strip Cake w/Slice, $12.00
Blue Baby Cake - Oblong
Pink Baby Cake - Oblong
Almond Cake With Slice
Blue Baby Cake - Oblong, $8.00
Pink Baby Cake - Oblong, $8.00
Almond Cake w/Slice, $10.00

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