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~ Miniatures ~
Plants & Flowers


Most miniatures on this page are 1/12 (1") scale. Different sizes are noted in the photo caption.

Red Tulips
White Tulips
Red Carnations
Miniature Flowers
Red Tulips, $7.00
White Tulips, $7.00
Red Carnations, $9.95
Purple & White Flowers in Pot, $8.00
Spring Flowers in Log Planter
Mushrooms in Log Planter
Boot Planter with yellow daisies
Boot Planter with sprouts
Spring Flowers in Log Planter, $18.00
Mushrooms in Log Planter, $12.00
Boot Planter with Yellow Daisies, $15.00
Boot Planter with Sprouts, $15.00
Hanging Plant
Bonzai Tree
Tomato Plant
Hanging Plant, $6.00
Bonzai Tree, $20.00
Hanging Tomato Plant, $12.00

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