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~ Miniature Sets ~

Most miniatures on this page are 1/12 (1") scale.
Different sizes are noted in the photo caption.

The rooms depicted in this section were put together to show examples of how the furniture and some decor might be used. However, the "miniature sets" generally include only the furniture and the tables. What comes with the set is listed below each picture. Some decor was added graphically and is not for sale. However, much of what is shown can be affected in a miniature house by cutting pictures from magazines and using different shaped odds and ends from home as decor.
Furniture Sets
Miniature Inlaid Chinese Furniture Set
Living Room Set
Miniature Rust Striped Furniture with Cherry Tables
Set Includes Inlaid Chinese Wood Couch, Inlaid Coffee Table and Tall Side Table (people and decor not included in this set) #FSET01, $98.95
Enlarge Photo
Set Includes Wood Couch, Two Chairs, Fireplace (no log or fire) and Coffee Table, #FSET04, $49.95
Enlarge Photo
Set Includes Autumn Orange Couch and Two Chairs, Cherry Coffee Table and Side Table, #FSET03, $59.95
Enlarge Photo
Sectional Couch
Red Check Furniture Set
White & Stainless Kitchen Set
Blue Sectional Couch With Coffee Table, $59.95
(throw rug not included, see Carpets)
Enlarge Photo
*Set Includes Red Checkered Couch and Chair, White Coffee Table with Baskets and Matching End Table, #FSET06, $65.00
Enlarge Photo
Full Kitchen Set with White Cabinets, Tan Counters and Faux Stainless Steel Sink and Appliances, #FSET07, $99.95
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